Mission and Goals


Trade & Procurement

Project Execution

Technology Transfer 

are our main functional targets.
By means of our strong support, more than 100 group companies will enjoy a stable and advanced operation.



Trade & Procurement:


Wide variety of operation resulted an essential need of links to the industrial resources either for trade or procurement.

This direct link and straight forward communication will ease the mutual transactions.


Our opportunities for Export for group products such as cement, lube oil, coal taar, etc…… is also conducting us to establish an active network in the center of Europe.

Project Execution:

Projects are mainly in the field of:

-Metal Industries

-Power Plants


-Machine Manufacturing

We are an international trading company based by Düsseldorf in Germany and are highly competitive across all energy sectors.

For around 30 years our experienced management team is occupied in national and international trading activities.  Globally we have valuable business associates in Europe, the Middle East and most of the Asian countries.


We are providing all necessary services in the supply and engineering  sections.

our experience and supply chaine include among all the following categories:


  • All ferro alloys and melt and cast additives and consumables.
  • Special refractories
  • All industrial oils and lubricants
  • Spare parts and machinaries
  • Graphite electrodes